Shachihata type name stamp on "Pushing cat"

Shachihata type name stamps are now available in the "Pushing Cat" series. If you use it as a seal or a small memo, you can fill the office with cat illustrations.

"Pushing cat" Shachihata type use case
Shachihata type name stamp appears in the "Pushing Cat" series. Can the office be turned into a "cat garden"?

This product is a rubber material name stamp used for approving documents and receiving luggage, with a cat illustration. The ink pad is built-in, and each time you use it, the stamp surface rotates and touches the pad. Can be stamped continuously.

"Pushing cat" mechanism
"Pakapaka" with built-in ink pad that can be pressed continuously

Full of useful functions for office use. Since it is a capless type, you do not have to worry about losing the cap, and because it has a lock function, you do not have to stain your clothes even if you put it in your pocket, and you can carry it by attaching it to the neck strap with a strap hole.

"Pushing cat" Shachihata type lock function
With lock function "Click!"

You can choose from 10 types of cat illustrations and 8 types of typefaces. If you put characters such as "well done" and "pass" in the name part, you can use it as a so-called "teacher stamp".

"Pushing cat" illustration example
I'm curious about the cat's sleep-talking ...

"Pushing cat" typeface example
After all, is this Marugoshi?

"Pushing cat", an example with something other than the name
"Pass" ... I mean, the teacher is sleeping!

The color of the name stamp body can be selected from all 7 colors. You can buy it at Rakuten's "Laughing Hall" shop. The price is 1,200 yen (including consumption tax).

"Pushing cat" color variation