"Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016" held

"Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016" will be held from July 22nd. A joint photo exhibition and product sales exhibition that covers summer vacation with cat art.

"Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016" to make summer vacation covered with cat art
"Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016" held: Nya who makes summer vacation covered with cats!

The "Cat Holiday Exhibition" is an event where the works of cat creators gather. The first meeting was held in the summer of 2015. It will be a chance to see the works of popular artists who are often active mainly on the Internet.

punkuma's cat photo
Naru Nya

Many first-time exhibitors are also participating in this event. Protecting pooh, who is a hot topic in the photo of Munchkin's "Poo" who stands on two legs, Miki Nakaoka, who is popular in the photo book of "Chikuwa" which became popular in the drama "Lady Girls", and Wasabi. Wasabi-chan Chisa, who became a hot topic in Japan, and Seto Nyan Chisa-san, who will publish a photo book "Zero Gravity Cat Tobikiri Mirko!" On July 12, will be exhibiting for the first time.

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Of course, familiar creators also participated in the cat holiday exhibition with new works. More than 350 works will be exhibited.

■ Participating creators

◆ Aoitori-san Aoitori-san, who is known for his collection of works such as "Island Nekopon", eats rice when he is hungry, sleeps when he gets sleepy, and loves cats under the theme of "Happy time for cats". We will exhibit a new work that cuts out the time of happiness.

Aoitori-san's cat photo "Even cats can do as much as a nose lantern. 』\
I'm happy

◆ Wasabi-chanchi-san Wasabi-chanchi-san, who started activities to protect kittens and find a new family after protecting "Wasabi" attacked by crows on the street, said, "For now-now. With the theme of "Old times", works by a large family of 6 cats will be exhibited.

◆ Naoki Makino
Naoki Makino, who is popular in the photo of the cat "Fu-chan" that she protected in 2013, has a refreshing appearance from winter hair mofumofu to summer with the theme of "Fu-chan's changing seasons". Exhibit Chan.

Naoki Makino's photo "Fu-chan"
A refreshing figure, Nya to show you

◆ Nyan Chisa Seto "Jump cat?" "Ballerina?" "Fluffy athlete?" ..

Photograph of Nyan Chisa Seto, who publishes "Milco, a zero-gravity cat!"
4-turn Salchow, showing new techniques!

In addition, Mr. Sakasuka, Mr. Soragi, Mr. Yukie Otomo, Mr. Nyankoto Miko, Mr. RUBIA-ARGYI, Mr. Yuka Seki, Mr. Miki Nakaoka, Mr. Yuria, Mr. Mai Yamamoto, Mr. matsumotoooooo, Mr. SANCHELOVE, Mr. Gozen Fukushima , Mami, emi, JOE, Skog Marknad and others are scheduled to exhibit.

mami's cat photo
Come see me

■ Outline of the exhibition

Special exhibition name: Cat joint photo & product sales exhibition "Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016"
Period: July 22nd to August 28th, 2016 (closed on Mondays)
Holding time: From 11:00 to 19:00 Venue: TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO
Admission: 500 yen / Free admission for children under 3 years old

Joe's cat photo
It's hot in summer

emi's cat photo
Cat resting Nya

matsumotoooooo's cat photo
Nya, Nya Nya, Nya Nya ~~ Nya ~~~! !!
"Cat Holiday Exhibition Summer 2016" TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO
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