Miracle Paint new color UV-NEON
A new color for that miracle paint!

New colors "UV-NEON" and "soft pen type" are now available from the "Miracle Paint " series of paints for face painting. It will be on sale sequentially from July.

Miracle Paint is a face paint goods made of natural latex that is also used for balloons. After drying, it does not dissolve in sweat or water and can be peeled off by pinching it with your fingers.

Miracle paint
Can be peeled off without using water or cleansing agents

There are 6 variations of the new color UV-NEON: fluorescent red, fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent purple, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent green. It seems to shine violently when exposed to black light.

Miracle Paint new color UV-NEON
Pop fluorescent color

Miracle Paint new color UV-NEON
It glows with a black light!

In addition, a soft pen type that uses a container that can be held and drawn like a pencil has also been added. It comes in 10 ml and comes in 12 existing colors (620 yen each) and 6 fluorescent colors (680 yen each, both excluding tax).

Miracle Paint new color UV-NEON
Easy-to-write pen type

The products will be available at general stores such as Don Quijote, Tokyu Hands, and LOFT, as well as at the 100-yen shop "DAISO". It will be sold on the official website as well.

Miracle Paint new color UV-NEON
It looks like it will be a battle again this time