"Transformation cash register bag" convenient for shopping by bicycle

When you go shopping at a supermarket by bicycle and inadvertently buy a lot, the problem is where to put your luggage. The basket may not be attached to the cross bike, and even the attached bicycle may not fit in the basket. However, if you lower the shopping bag on the steering wheel, it will be unbalanced and dangerous.

The "Transformation Basket Bag" is a convenient cash register bag (eco bag) for bulk purchases on weekends. Transforms into a backpack in an instant from the state attached to the cash register. You can ride a bicycle with shopping on your back.

Overview of "transformation basket bag"
Convenient cash register bag (eco bag) "transformation cash register basket bag" for bulk purchases on weekends

The usage is almost the same as a general cash register bag (eco bag). Set the bag in the checkout basket and finish the checkout.

How to use "Transformation basket bag"
Pip, pip, pip ... It's 1,296 yen!

The difference is from here. Pull the strings on both sides of the bag to squeeze the mouth and fasten the zipper on the top. Then, the cash register basket bag transforms into a backpack.

How to use "transformation basket bag"
If you squeeze the strings on both sides

"Transformation basket bag" backpack form
For backpacks!

If you don't ride a bicycle, you can hang it on your shoulder as a shoulder bag and walk home. It may be a little more fashionable than walking around with a lot of supermarket shopping bags.

"Transformation basket bag" Use case: As a shoulder bag
If you hold the plastic shopping bag for a long time, you can gradually bite into your fingers, right?

Available in three colors: "gray," "peacock green," and "black." Reservations are accepted at Felissimo's miscellaneous goods brand "Kraso". See Kraso's online shop for pricing and purchasing options.

"Transformation basket bag" usage example