Naturie “Coix lotion with limited Moomin design bottle” “Coix Moisturizing gel with limited Moomin design case”

Naturie “Hatomugi Lotion” “Hatomugi Moisturizing Gel” Moomin collaboration

From Naturie, ``Hatomugi Lotion with Limited Moomin Design Bottle'' and ``Hatomugi Moisturizing Gel with Limited Moomin Design Case'' will be released at drug stores and large supermarkets nationwide on March 1st. It will go on sale in advance at variety stores on February 23rd.


Coix barley lotion with limited edition Moomin design bottle

Naturie Coix barley lotion and Coix barley moisturizing gel have been collaborating with the popular Finnish story “Moomin” since 2020. In response to comments such as ``I would like to collaborate with Moomin again'' and ``Moomin designs are cute and I am reusing them'', this collaboration was realized for the first time in about two years.

Naturie “Hatomugi lotion with limited edition Moomin design bottle”

Coix barley lotion has a refreshing feel and does not feel sticky even when layered, leaving your skin fresh and moisturized. Fragrance-free, color-free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, oil-free, surfactant-free, non-comedogenic tested. 500ml (16.91us fl oz) size that can be used liberally on both face and body.

The spray bottle depicts Little My surrounded by lots of flowers with a contented expression on her face. The price is open, estimated price is 748 yen (tax included).

Coix barley moisturizing gel with limited Moomin design case

Coix Moisturizing Gel is a moisturizing gel that maintains moisture while replenishing moisture, keeping your skin fresh and fresh. The water veil has an affinity for both water and oil, so it does not interfere with the penetration of skin care products used later. Fragrance-free, color-free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic tested.

Naturie “Coix Moisturizing Gel with Limited Moomin Design Case”

The mini case depicts Little My, who is busy looking fashionable with a mirror and cosmetics. The price is 990 yen (tax included).

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