Cat nameplate "Inviting cat"

The nameplate nameplate "Inviting Cat" with an illustration of a cat is now on sale from Bunyo-do. You can install it at the entrance to appeal that you like cats, or install it in a conference room to soften the atmosphere of the office.

"Invited cat" is a nameplate nameplate with an original cat illustration by an exclusive designer. Two types are available, a square type and a rectangular type.

Cat nameplate "Inviting cat" Square type
"Inviting cat" square type

Cat nameplate "Inviting cat" rectangular type
"Inviting cat" rectangular type

The illustrations of cats are different between squares and rectangles, and you can choose from 14 types of squares and 15 types of rectangles.

"Inviting cat" square type illustration
"L. walk" is simple and cute

"Inviting cat" rectangular type illustration
The cutest thing is "H. Tsurineko" ...

The typeface is common to both square and rectangular types. You can choose from all 18 types.

"Inviting cat" typeface that can be used
Yamakawa, Tamura, Fujiki, Takahashi, Hayashi, Inoue, Sawamoto, Watanabe ...

Nine types of plate colors are available, including "stainless steel / black" and "gold / black".

"Inviting cat" plate color example
Mr. Tosaka seems to live in Room 204.

For details on prices and purchasing methods, refer to the website of the online shop "Laughing Hall" operated by Bunyo-do.