"POSCA" dark color
The range of expression is expanding more and more!

From Mitsubishi Pencil's felt-tip pen brand "POSCA", "POSCA Medium / Round Core Dark Color", which uses a deeper ink color than conventional colors, will be released on September 2.

There are five color variations: khaki green, dark brown, navy blue, dark red, and fuchsia. The price is 200 yen per bottle (excluding tax, the same applies below).

At the same time, a Halloween-only product "POSCA 8-color set with new dark colors" (1,600 yen) will be released. It is said that the set includes 3 colors of "purple, kerria, and white" and 5 dark colors, which are indispensable for Halloween decoration. Comes with a special Halloween motif template.

"POSCA" dark color
A special set for Halloween