Byston "vaulting box accessory case (stacked type 3 steps)"

Byston, which manufactures and sells "Kurashiki canvas", has released a "vaulting box accessory case (stacked type 3 tiers)" with the motif of "vaulting box". Limited time sale until August 31st.

This was made in commemoration of "Hampu Day" on August 2nd. Kurashiki canvas is used for the place where the vaulting box is touched (Tokoroten), and the furniture craftsmen make it one by one. The size is W120 x D160 x H150 mm. The price is 5,400 yen (tax included). There are 20 colors for the top cloth.

Byston "vaulting box accessory case (stacked type 3 steps)"
Perfect for storing small items (Source: Kurashiki Canvas Online Store)

The products are on sale at the company's shopping site and at the "Kurashiki Canvas Main Store" and "Kurashiki Canvas Bikan District Store". The "5 drawer type" and "vaulting box BOX (toy box)" released at the same time are already in "inventory inquiry" status. The accessory case is expected to be sold out early, so be quick.

Byston "vaulting box accessory case (5-drawer type)"
Drawer type

Byston "Tobi Box Box (Toy Box)"
It seems that there was also a toy box. I want you to make it again.