Nitori Hand-washable "Chewy Cushion (MM40R/MM60R)"

Nitori Hand-washable "Chewy Cushion (MM40R/MM60R)"

“Mochimochi Cushion (MM40R/MM60R)” will be on sale from late October at Nitori stores and Nitori Net.

"Mochimochi Cushion" (available in 2 sizes and 4 colors) is a popular Nitori product that has been well received for its addictive chewy texture and has sold over 7 million units in total. We have now changed the filling of the most popular standard type (40cm in diameter, 3 colors and 60cm in 4 colors) to one that dries quickly, making it hand washable.

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It has a soft, chewy texture that feels like it's being wrapped around you, and can be used in a variety of situations, including as a cushion or cushion, as well as a nap pillow or pet bed. By washing your hands regularly, you can prevent the growth of bacteria and odors, making your products cleaner and more comfortable than ever.

Nitori Hand-washable "Chewy Cushion (MM40R/MM60R)"

Chewy cushion (MM40R)

Nitori Hand-washable "Chewy Cushion (MM40R)"

Color: All 3 colors (gray, brown, navy)
Size: width 40cm x depth 40cm x height 13cm
Price: 999 yen (tax included)

Chewy cushion (MM60R)

Nitori “Mochimochi Cushion (MM60R)”

Color: 4 colors (gray, brown, navy, rose)
Size: width 60cm x depth 60cm x height 15cm
Price: 2,490 yen (tax included)

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