Kitan Club "Onsen WATCH S"
The smart watch you wanted is here.

Kitan Club will sell a watch "Onsen WATCH S" with a locker key as a motif from September 13th in capsule toys and blind boxes. The price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

This product is a wristwatch with the motif of "the key to a locker wrapped around your wrist" that you can see in bathing facilities and gyms. An LCD screen that displays the time is stored in the space that originally contains the key.

Kitan Club "Onsen WATCH S"
The feeling of reading involuntarily with puns is also real

When it was sold in April this year, it was a popular product that was sold out one after another. In this model, the band part has been improved to be "shorter" and "harder" so that children and people with thin arms can wear it comfortably. There are 6 color variations.

Kitan Club "Onsen WATCH S"
Colorful variations

* The official notation of the product name "Onsen" is the hot spring symbol.