LeivyNaturally "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi" collaboration limited edition bottle

Leivy Naturally

Cinnamoroll Cromi Collaboration Limited Edition Bottle

Leivy Naturally has been selling the long-selling body shampoos "Goat Milk" and "Lavender" since 2011, in collaboration with "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi". The limited collaboration bottles with "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi" will be on sale from August 14 to 20, 2012. The sales period is from August 14 to March 31, 2024.



Body Shampoo Goat Milk

500ml (16.91us fl oz)

Leivy Naturally's Body Shampoo Goat Milk is a mildly acidic body shampoo containing goat milk, a natural moisturizing ingredient that is rich in nutrients. While gently cleansing the skin, the moisturizing ingredients penetrate to the stratum corneum, leaving it moist and supple. The price is 767 yen (tax included, same as below).

LeivyNaturally "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi" collaboration limited edition bottle

Kromi] Body Shampoo Lavender 500ml (16.91us fl oz)

Weakly acidic body shampoo containing lavender oil. Lavender oil and pearl powder prevent rough skin while conditioning the skin texture and making it moist and smooth. Lavender oil is often used in aromatherapy and has a relaxing effect. This series is popular among those who want to enjoy a relaxing bath. The sweet aroma of Sweet Lavender Vanilla will make your bath time a relaxing experience. Price: 767 yen.

LeivyNaturally "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi" collaboration limited edition bottle