Chiikawasu Suisui Zenmai Toy

Chiikawa Suey Suey

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Lyric sells "Chiikawa Suey Suey," a toy of the popular "Chiikawa" series. The lineup includes three types: "Chii-Kawa", "Hachiware", and "Usagi". Each is priced at 770 yen (tax included).

Chiikawa Suey


is a spring-loaded toy with cute movements that swims energetically in the pool or bath. You can enjoy bathing and playing in the water with the Chiikawas.

Chiikawasu Suisui Zenmai Toy

Size is as follows.

Chiikawawa: approx. 50 x 80 x 90
Hachiware: approx. 50 x 80 x 90
Rabbit: approx. 65 x 80 x 90

* The pictures shown may differ slightly from the actual product.