L'Occitane "Whip Shea Rose"

L'Occitane released a new series "Whip Shea Rose" on October 19th in a limited quantity. The lineup includes body creams and hand creams that have a rose scent.

"Whip Shea" is a body care product that uses shea butter. It is processed into a fluffy whipped cream, and it is said to moisturize dry skin while giving it a non-greasy feel. The products of the new series "Whip Shea Rose" have a gorgeous rose scent.

The lineup of the "Whip Shea Rose" series is as follows. All listed prices do not include tax.

■ Shea Whip Body Cream (Rose) 125ml (4.23us fl oz) 4,200 yen A body cream that melts into your skin and the extract of Damask rose and Sentifolia rose makes your skin supple.

Shea Whip Body Cream (Rose)

■ Shea Whip Hand Cream (Rose) 30ml (1.01us fl oz) 1,400 yen A hand cream that can be used to treat your hands as if you were decorating them with whipped cream.

Shea Whip Hand Cream (Rose)

■ Shea Whip Shower Foam (Rose) 150ml (5.07us fl oz) 2,700 yen Shower foam that gently wraps the dry body with soft foam and gently cleanses it.

Shea Whip Shower Foam (Rose)