Oval gratin "share with Kurihara harumi"

The gratin plate and apron that are useful for home parties have been released from the lifestyle miscellaneous goods brand "share with Kurihara harumi" produced by the chef Harumi Kurihara.

The lineup is as follows (all prices include tax).

■ Oval gratin large (black) 4,104 yen
■ Oval gratin medium (white / orange) 2,700 yen
■ Oval gratin Small (black, white, orange) 1,620 yen An oval dish compatible with microwave ovens with the "GRATIN" logo. The "large" size is the perfect size for a large party.

share with Kurihara harumi "Oval gratin"

■ Oval rim plate L 3,240 yen
■ Oval rim plate M 2,160 yen
■ Oval rim plate S 1,620 yen A simple and easy-to-use white oval plate. It is convenient to have several pieces, such as L size for platters and S size for plates.

share with Kurihara harumi "Oval rim plate"

share with Kurihara harumi "Oval rim plate"
Example of serving "oval rim plate"

■ CHEESE Square gratin Large 2,160 yen
■ CHEESE Square gratin Small 1,620 yen A gratin dish with a handle that can be taken out of the oven and carried to the table as it is. There is also a surprise that you can see the "CHEESE" logo on the bottom after eating.

share with Kurihara harumi "CHEESE Square Gratin"

■ Hot Menu Dish L Brown 2,700 yen
■ Hot Menu Dish M Brown 1,296 yen

A vessel that combines the roles of cooking utensils and tableware. The L size can be used as a cooking vat or grilled in a microwave oven. M size is a size suitable for one person's gratin.

share with Kurihara harumi "Hot Menu Dish"

In addition, aprons that are useful for hospitality and small outings are also on sale.

Flower print Anies (black)
Apron "Flower Print Agnes (Black)" (5,940 yen) that is useful in hospitality situations