Japan Publishing Sales "1st Cat Test"
For those who say "I love cats" (image is the official website of the cat test)

The "1st Cat Test", which asks for knowledge about cats, will be held on March 26, 2017 in 5 cities nationwide. The application deadline is February 27, 2017. Planning and operation is published and sold in Japan.

The test asks a wide range of knowledge, including the deep history and culture of cats, ecology and symbiotic methods, and literature and movie works in which cats appear. As a special cooperation, the cat book specialty store "Jimbocho Nyankodo" (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which is said to be a "sacred place for cat lovers," will produce official test texts and test questions.

Japan Publishing Sales "1st Cat Test"
I also read a book

Japan Publishing Sales "1st Cat Test"
Watching fellow movies * The test content and images are not related

There are two levels, beginner and intermediate, and the mark sheet selection method (100 questions in total). The venues are Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. For detailed information on how to apply and the bookstore where the application is set up, please check the official website of the cat test.

On the day of the test, a number of cat goods such as Jimbocho Nyankodo and limited goods by Tamami Kumakura, a manga artist who is in charge of the key visuals for the test, will be on sale.