Seiko Clock Alarm Clock "FD478W"

The alarm clock "FD478W" equipped with Mickey Mouse's voice and Disney movie songs as alarm sounds is now available from Seiko Clock. It has been on sale since November 25th. The price is 5,000 yen (excluding tax).

This product is an alarm clock with 15 types of alarm sounds. You can choose your favorite sounding method from 5 genres of "electronic sound", "bell sound", "Mickey & Minnie's voice", "nature sound", and "melody". The list of sounds is as follows.

■ Electronic sound
1. Pip sound 2. Peaceful chime sound
■ Bell sound (synthetic sound)
3. Bell sound 4. Bell sound
■ Voice of Mickey & Minnie
5. Yes Good Morning! A fun day is waiting for you today! (Mickey Mouse)
6. Hi, good morning! Let's do our best today! (Mickey Mouse)
7. Good morning A refreshing morning, get up early and go out! (Minnie Mouse)
■ Nature sound
8. River murmuring + small bird 9. Tin + goat + cow 10. Underwater sound + dolphin + whale
■ Melody
11. Trepak ("The Nutcracker") 12. "Finale" from the Carnival of Animals
13. Whistle While You Work (Snow White) 14. Hi Ho (Snow White)
15. April rain (Bambi)

Seiko Clock Alarm Clock "FD478W"
You can choose the sounding method that suits your taste

On the design side, illustrations of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse drawn in monotone are placed on the dial. The silhouette of Mickey and Minnie's ribbon is printed on the front of the main body, and the outer circumference is bordered with silver to add an accent.

Seiko Clock Alarm Clock "FD478W"
Place hand-drawn style illustrations

The size is height 112 x width 139 x depth 61 mm, and the weight is 260 g.

Seiko Clock Alarm Clock "FD478W"
Comes in a special box for gifts

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