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I want the sofas and beds to be clean ~

December when many homes start cleaning. You want to clean up not only the dirt around the water such as the toilet and bathroom, but also the house dust in the living room and bedroom. Raycop Japan introduces effective cleaning methods for house dust.

■ Be careful of invisible places Even those who think "I clean my house well" should be careful! According to Keiko Takahashi of the NPO Japan House Cleaning Association, it takes 3 to 5 professionals to clean every corner of a house, no matter how beautiful it looks. Cleaning the entire house seems to be more difficult than you might think.

The point is to use a vacuum cleaner or duster to clean the corners and corners of the room and the top of the baseboard in the living room and bedroom. Also, dust tends to collect under the bed, sofa, and the back of the TV stand, so it seems better to clean the furniture while moving it appropriately.

■ Careful care of bedding
Bedding that will greatly improve your sleeping comfort if properly cared for. It is recommended that you wash the sheets cleanly, dry the futons and mattresses, or use a futon dryer to remove the water, and then use a futon cleaner to remove the house dust. And since mites that may be lurking in bedding are sensitive to heat, it is effective to soak them in hot water of 60 degrees or higher or put them in a dryer of 60 degrees or higher before washing.

House dust is not only unhealthy, but can also cause damage and breakdown of household goods. Let's wipe out this year and welcome the new year at a comfortable home!