100-yen shop "Panda pattern aluminum foil"

It seems to be useful for a bring-your-own lunch for cherry blossom viewing. I found a fashionable printed aluminum foil and cooking sheet in the 100-yen shop CAN DO and bought it.

Printed aluminum foil and cooking sheet for 100-yen shop
Choose 3 types from various

I bought 3 products, "Panda pattern aluminum foil", "Aluminum foil multi-pattern pattern" and "French pattern cooking sheet". Various pictures and patterns are printed on one side of each, and it has a cuteness that surprises you, "Well, is this aluminum foil?"

"Panda pattern aluminum foil" is a black and white design with many panda pictures. There is also a balloon that says "yummy!". If you wrap a rice ball or sandwich for lunch with this, you will be surprised at the moment you pick it up.

Printed aluminum foil and cooking sheet for 100-yen shop
A lot of pandas talking "yummy!" "Yummy!"

"Aluminum foil multi-pattern pattern" is an aluminum foil with 7 types of patterns drawn on one sheet. You can enjoy various designs using red, blue, and white. Just wrapping commercially available cookies and chocolates roughly will give you a very fashionable impression.

Printed aluminum foil and cooking sheet for 100-yen shop
Simply wrap it or wrap it in candy

The above two products may discolor or melt the ink when heated, so they cannot be used in open flames, ovens, microwave ovens, etc. There was also a note that there is a possibility of color transfer, so do not wrap food on the color-printed surface.

And finally, the "French pattern cooking sheet" is a sheet designed with a motif reminiscent of the city of France. If you wrap chocolate bar or cake and dress it up with ribbon or masking tape, it will be a souvenir with an adult-like impression. It is compatible with ovens and microwave ovens as well as ordinary cooking sheets, and can be used widely.

Printed aluminum foil and cooking sheet for 100-yen shop
It is also recommended to add accents with ribbons and masts

100% printed aluminum foil and parchment paper that transforms lunch and sweets into fashion. If you see it in the store, try to find your favorite design and size. The price is, of course, 108 yen (tax included) per piece.