LED bulb "Tough Raito 101 (One O One)"
Birth of LED bulbs aiming for unprecedented long life

KK Technologies released today (March 16th) the LED bulbs "Tough Raito 101 (One O One)" and "Premier" that realized "10 years of complete compensation". It can be purchased at the official online store "101 DENKYU STORE".

This product is an LED bulb developed by the company's original technology without using any finite life parts such as electrolytic capacitors. It can withstand 3 million ON / OFF times, and has a design life of 300,000 hours, which is about eight times as long as a general LED bulb.

LED bulb "Tough Raito 101 (One O One)"
Approximately 100 years even if used for 8 hours a day !?

In addition, with this launch, we have introduced the "industry's first" service with a "30-day full money-back guarantee and a 10-year replacement guarantee". There are no conditions such as daily usage time, and it seems that you can return, refund, or exchange.

There are two types of lineup with different color rendering and body color. The size is 55 x 105 mm in diameter and has an E26 base. It has a neat design that prevents dust from adhering. * All listed prices do not include tax

LED bulb "Tough Raito 101 (One O One)"
"Tough Raito 101" (Silver) 4,980 yen "Tough Raito 101 Premier" (Champagne Gold) 6,980 yen