Planetarium for home use "HOMESTAR Your Name."
Project the encounter between the two, the starry world, and the appearance of Comet Tiamat

From the SEGA TOYS home planetarium "HOMESTAR" series, a new product "HOMESTAR Your Name" will be released on July 27, in collaboration with Makoto Shinkai's animated movie "Your Name." The suggested retail price is 9,800 yen (excluding tax).

Planetarium for home use "HOMESTAR Your Name."
"HOMESTAR Your Name."

HOMESTAR is a highly elite optical home planetarium series supervised by planetarium creator Takayuki Ohira. In "HOMESTAR Your Name." To be released this time, the impressive "Kataware Toki" scene will be projected along with the realistic starry sky seen from the Chubu region on the same day.

In addition, the piano version of "Sparkle" by RADWIMPS, who was in charge of the music for the movie, the piano version of "Nandemonaiya", and the music box version of "Zenzenzense" are specially arranged and recorded. It seems that you can enjoy the ephemeral and painful scene to your heart's content.

The main body size is W150 x H170 x D150 mm. The number of projected stars is about 10,000.

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