Kitami Hacka x Salon Adam Elope
It's cool just looking at it ~

Why don't you use your five senses as well as the air conditioner to take in the coolness every day when the hot and humid days continue? At the lifestyle shop "SALON adam et rope'", I found some refreshing goods in collaboration with Kitami Hakka, so I would like to introduce them.

Kitami Mentha develops products using natural mentha from the Kitami region of Hokkaido. Many people have seen "Mentha oil ", which I introduced how to use it in my home before.

Kitami mint oil
"Mentha oil" that can be used for aroma and food is now easier to obtain outside of Hokkaido

The lineup of collaboration items this time includes mint tablets, mint candies, and miscellaneous goods. The original package of collaboration specifications is adopted.

Kitami Hacka x Salon Adam Elope
I will introduce some

A yoji made from birch lumber and peppermint oil from Hokkaido. When you use it, your mouth will be a little soothing. 180 pieces for 550 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Kitami Hacka x Salon Adam Elope
I want to keep it on the table

A cool wet wipe containing mint oil. It is non-alcoholic and the base material is 100% pulp. It costs 350 yen for 20 pieces.

Kitami Hacka x Salon Adam Elope
Strong scent and favorite

There was also a toothbrush with a retro logo. The base is the easy-to-polish toothbrush "MOYO" designed by a dentist. The price is 600 yen.

Kitami Hacka x Salon Adam Elope
Those who understand understand

In addition to collaboration items, various goods are on sale at the Kitami Hacka online shop and the antenna shop in Hokkaido. The refreshing scent and color are perfect for summer gifts, so if you are interested, please take a look!