Basquerinkle ICEBOX Refreshing grapefruit scent
Summer classic ice cream is a bath salt!

A collaboration between Basclean and Morinaga & Co.'s ice cream "ICE BOX". The limited edition "Bass Crinkle ICEBOX Refreshing Grapefruit Fragrance" that reproduces the "exhilarating cool feeling" will be on sale from today (April 9th).

This product is a bath salt with a sweet and refreshing scent that reproduces the "ICEBOX Grapefruit". The hot water color is blue, which is the image of the ICE BOX brand color (transparent type).

In addition, the refreshing ingredients (mentha oil and menthol powder) alleviate the heat and hot flashes when bathing, so you can take a bath slowly and comfortably. Contains 600g (21.16oz) (about 30 times), the price is open.