New series "Nivea Royal Blue"

From the "NIVEA" brand, a new series "NIVEA Royal Blue" will be released on September 5th to deal with various skin and lip problems.

The concept of the "Nivea Royal Blue" series is "the highest moisturizing for adults, moisturizing even the stratum corneum cells". We have a lineup of 4 products, 2 for body care and 2 for lip care that have different feelings of application.

◆ Nivea Royal Blue Body Milk Beauty Care [br /] For skin problems such as spots, freckles, reduced firmness, and dullness due to dryness. It contains vitamin C derivatives and coenzyme Q10, which suppresses the production of melanin, prevents freckles and spots, and leads to clear skin. Elegant and fresh scent of royal blue garden.

Nivea Royal Blue Body Milk Beauty Care

◆ Nivea Royal Blue Body Milk Dry Trouble Care [br /] Contains anti-inflammatory ingredient dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and high-concentration petrolatum mix. Melting milk blends into the skin and leads to healthy skin. Fragrance-free and coloring-free.

Nivea Royal Blue Body Milk Dry Trouble Care

◆ Nivea Royal Blue Lip [br /] Two products, a "moist and smooth type" with a smooth application and a "moist and moist type" with a close contact. All contain vitamin E, stearyl glycyrrhetinate (active ingredient), coenzyme Q10, and hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient). It prevents the lips from getting rough and makes the lips firm, and the light veil effect blurs the dullness of the lips. It can also be used as a base to enhance the luster and color of lipstick. Fragrance-free.

Nivea Royal Blue Lip