For Me By GU "Lipstick"

From GU, a new cosmetics brand "# 4me by GU" has arrived. It will be released on September 4th at GU large stores, super large stores and online stores in Japan.

"# 4 me by GU" is a new cosmetics brand that listens to the real voices of customers and combines potential needs with the latest fashion. "Cosmetics that you really want and can really use" will be developed, which has been completed by incorporating various worries and requests.

We carefully select the coloring and texture, considering that "fitting with fashion" is also an important factor. A lineup of items that complement fashion, such as eye shadows that are not too glittering and a multi-palette with carefully selected colors that are naturally determined.

Formy by GU products and two women

In addition, we have achieved both quality and low price, which are made in Japan. High-quality products based on strict quality standards are sold at domestic factories at affordable prices. As much as possible, we do not use ingredients that irritate the skin, and all items contain natural moisturizing ingredients derived from Japan.

The lineup is as follows. Price does not include tax.

◆ Lipstick [br /] A lipstick that has a natural color and can moisturize well. Produces a moderate luster by blending oil. It can also be used on the mouth with a mask like lip balm. Eight colors are available: # 11 PINK, # 13 L.RED, # 14 ORANGE RED, # 15 RED SHEER, # 17 RED MATTE, # 24 APRICOT, # 26 ORANGE SHEER, and # 77 PURPLE. The price is 590 yen.

For Me By GU "Lipstick"

◆ Cream eyeshadow [br /] A tube-type cream eyeshadow with a moisture content of 53%. The oil formulation stretches smoothly and fits the eyelids with a single application. Produces fresh eyes with just the right amount of glitter. There are four colors: # 01 WHITE, # 11 PINK, # 36 BROWN, and # 81 GOLD. The price is 590 yen.

For Me By GU "Cream Eye Shadow"

◆ Lip Gloss [br /] Lip gloss that is not too strong and gives a natural finish that makes the best use of the color of the lips even if it is overcoated with other colors. Contains oil to create glossy and plump lips. The colors are # 11 PINK, # 13 L.RED, and # 16 RED. The price is 790 yen.

For Me By GU "Lip Gloss"

◆ Multi-palette [br /] From the many color palettes, we carefully select the colors that are trendy but do not float. A soft spherical powder gives a uniform finish. It can be used on the cheeks and around the eyes, so you can complete trendy makeup with just this one. The colors are # 11 PINK, # 26 ORANGE, and # 72 PURPLE. The price is 1,490 yen.

Formy by GU "Multi Palette"