Devil's Blade "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition"

On the official Bandai shopping site "Premium Bandai", reservations for the portable game machine "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Concentrated Edition Kyojuroucchi Color" that trains the characters appearing in the TV anime "Demon Slayer" will be accepted from October 30th. start. At the same time, reservations for all 8 types of "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition" will start from 15:00 on November 6th.

Devil's Blade "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition"

The body design, which is about 4 cm in diameter, which is one size smaller than the original Tamagotchi, uses colors that are inspired by the nine "pillars" of the demon slaughter corps that appear in the film. The demon slaughterers to be trained are designed to grow into one of the nine pillars depending on the training method. If you are training one pillar, you may be entrusted with training another soldier.

Devil's Blade "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition"
Image of each pillar's clothing

In addition, three types of training (mini games) have been renewed from the "Kimetsu Tamagotchi" that is already on sale. You can train the soldiers while repeating "whole body training", "rock lifting", and "total concentration / constant". In addition, there is also an event where 3 types of demons appear randomly at regular intervals. If you leave it alone without getting rid of it, the screen will be occupied.

The price is 2,530 yen each (including consumption tax, shipping and handling not included). "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition Kyojuroucchi Color" is scheduled for March 2021, and "Kimetsu Tamagotchi Pillar Collection Edition" (Shinobucchi Color / Giyucchi Color / Sane Mitch Color / Ten) Gencchi color / Muichiroucchi color / Obanaichi color / Mitsurichi color / Gyomeichi color) is scheduled for April 2021. The target age is 6 years old and over.

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