Pore Natsuko Pore Hide and Seek Cotton


popular product "Pore Nadeko Pore-Kakurenbo Cotton" will be available in limited quantities again this year

! Pore Nadeko, a pore care brand, will start selling a spray-type cold cotton that tightens pores, "Pore Nadeko Pore-Kakurenbo Cotton," in limited quantities from June 21, 2012.


Pore-Kakurenbo C

otton This spray-type cooling cotton becomes a cool cotton by simply spraying it onto the palm of the hand, making it perfect for busy mornings as it tightens pores and moisturizes in a single application.

Pore Natsuko Pore Hide and Seek Cotton

Contains loofah extract to tighten pore skin, chamomile extract to improve texture, and cucumber extract for firmness and luster. The cool, snowy cotton and pore-tightening ingredients help improve makeup application.

To make the cotton, shake the can well, hold it 5 cm away from your palm, press the spray head firmly into the can, and spray vigorously in a circular motion. Gently peel off the spray by lightly crushing it with the palm of your hand, and a cool cotton ball is ready. To use, gently press it onto the T-zone and cheeks where you are concerned about pores, and blend the remaining lotion over the entire face with the palm of your hand. Then apply your usual makeup and you are done.

Pore Natsuko Pore Hide and Seek Cotton

Capacity 70g (2.47oz), price 1,540 yen (tax included). Available at variety stores nationwide and through Ishizawa Laboratories official mail order.

Release date may vary depending on the store.