Yojiya winter skin care set

"Yojiya Winter Skin Care Set" is now available as a thank-you project for the 116th anniversary of the founding of "Yojiya", a long-established store in Kyoto famous for "oil blotting paper". Limited quantities will be available from November 6th at some bookstores.

"Yojiya Winter Skin Care Set" is a set of 6 types and 8 items that "Yojiya" is proud of. The total price is 4,521 yen, but it will be sold at a thank-you price of 2,530 yen (about 44% off) including tax. The contents of the set are as follows.

・ 20 sheets of oil blotting paper
Oil blotting paper that absorbs only excess sebum without removing makeup just by gently putting it on the skin. Carefully selected special Japanese paper with a fine structure, and repeatedly tapping it with a foil hammer to activate the fibers of the paper. While increasing the absorption of sebum, it provides a soft feel on the skin.

Yojiya oil blotting paper

・ Oshiroi paper [color of chara] 60 sheets per piece
A convenient item for repairing when you are worried about makeup loss. If you touch one side of the paper with the powder to your skin and lightly press it, the powder will adhere to your skin. Since it is an ultra-fine powder, it does not feel like a thick coat, leaving your skin natural and clean.

Yojiya "Oshiroi Paper [Color of Chara]"

・ Moisturizing paper (face mask) 1 packet 17ml (0.57us fl oz)
A lot of moisturizing ingredients contained in a 100% natural cotton mask leads to soft and smooth skin. When you are worried about makeup paste due to dryness, you can rely on this one for important days when you want to charm with beautiful skin.

Yojiya "Moisturizing paper (face mask)"

・ Yuzu gloss and stick 4.5g (0.18oz)
In addition to the moisturizing ingredient sericin, it contains natural oils such as yuzu peel oil, olive fruit oil, and jojoba seed oil. The "scent of yuzu itself" using natural yuzu peel oil and the natural moisturizing ingredient silk sericin keep your lips moist.

Yojiya "Yuzu glossy stick"

・ Mayugomori Hand Cream 10g (0.35oz)
A hand cream that gently wraps your hands like a cocoon with the natural moisturizing ingredient sericin of silk. With a smooth texture that stretches well, it feels smooth to use. A floral scent that makes you feel relaxed.

Yojiya "Mayugomori Hand Cream"

・ Mayugomori Trial Set
A set of 40 ml of shampoo, 30 g of hair conditioner, and 40 ml of body soap from the popular series "Mayugomori" containing sericin, a moisturizing ingredient for cocoons. Shampoo and hair conditioner repairs dull hair and damaged hair such as split ends and broken hair. Body soap has a fine lather that removes dirt and dead skin cells, leading to smooth skin.

Yojiya "Mayugomori Trial Set"

Comes with a mini BOOK that introduces the explanation of each product and the history of "Yojiya". If you use mail order from this mini BOOK, you will get a gift.

Available at TSUTAYA, Tsutaya Bookstore and Kinokuniya Bookstore (Otaru Store, Sendai Store, Sogo Kawaguchi Store, mozo Wonder City Store, Kanazawa Yamato Store, Senboku Store, Sakai Kita Hanada Store).