Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail -Winter Casket-"

Ueba Esou, a Japanese paint specialty store, sells winter coffret "Gofun Nail -Winter Small Box-" for a limited time from November 12th to January 31st, 2021. Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as there are no more products even during the sales period.

Gofun nail

A nail-friendly water-soluble nail that was invented by the paint shop "Ueba Esou". Gofun is an important white pigment in Japanese painting made from fine powder of scallop shells, and its natural material is incorporated into nails. It does not have the pungent odor peculiar to manicure, and is characterized by its quick-drying and excellent breathability. It can be removed with alcohol instead of nail polish remover.

Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail"

Gofun Nail-Winter Casket-

A set of "Gofun Nail Tamatsubaki 10ml (0.34us fl oz)" and "Gofun Nail Kiraboshi 10ml (0.34us fl oz)" with a message card drawn by illustrator Kito Prayer. It's a perfect gift for a special person or a reward for yourself. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included).

Message card drawn by Kito Prayer

・ Tamatsubaki
A red color that makes one bright flower bloom in winter clothes. Applying it lightly gives a slightly yellowish and active impression, and applying it repeatedly gives a deep and mature impression.

Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail Tamatsubaki 10ml"

・ Kirasei
A golden color with dazzling glitter shining like a star. Even a single coat will give a gorgeous impression the more you layer it. Excellent compatibility with other colors of "Gofun Nail" such as Tamatsubaki.

Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail Kiraboshi 10ml"

The stores are Ueba Esou Main Store, official online shop, and stores handling whitewash nails nationwide (excluding some stores).