Excel "Real Close Shadow" "Long & Colored Rush" Limited Color

Introducing the new spring products released on April 20th from the makeup brand "Excel". Available at variety shops, drug stores, mass retailers, etc. nationwide.


A highly moisturizing lip with 96% beauty essence (excluding the finishing effect powder) that is particular about soft application. It has a high degree of adhesion, and the sheer color that integrates with the bare lips keeps the lips transparent even when layered, resulting in a lips with a feeling of shedding. Recommended for quick repainting on the go or for casual makeup at home.

Excel "Lip Nized"

There are 6 colors, "LN01 Happy End", "LN02 Teenager", "LN03 Wake-up Call", "LN04 Marry You", "LN05 Sentimental", and "LN06 Homesick" with the motif of the color of the heart. The price is 1,300 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Excel "Lip Nized"

Real close shadow

A 4-color eyeshadow palette with clear colors that won't dull even when layered. The layering technique of pearls creates a gloss on the eyelids, and the shiny color that condenses the brilliance of large grains such as glass pearls adds sparkle.

Excel "Real Close Shadow" Limited Color

Limited colors are "CS12 (wedge sole)" with copper orange and khaki as accent colors, and "CS13 (raffle move)" that creates mature eyes with move color and brown. The price is 1,500 yen each.

Long & colored rush

Achieves long and delicate eyelashes with ultra-fine brown fiber blending. Super curl fix formula and durable formula keep your eyelashes facing up until night. Waterproof that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and water, and smudge proof that is resistant to rubbing. Contains 3 types of peptides that treat eyelashes.

Excel "Long & Colored Rush"

Limited colors are the healthy brown-orange "LC05 (orange peel)" and the fascinating mauve pink "LC06 (florist)". The price is 1,500 yen each.

Protective UV Essence '21

UV essence for face and body that can also be used as a makeup base (SPF50 / PA ++++). With a fresh texture with a thin film touch, a light feel is pursued. Four free formulations (colorant, mineral oil, surfactant, paraben-free) that contain beauty essence ingredients and are considered to be a burden on the skin. You can remove it with soap.

Excel "Protective UV Essence '21"

The scents are fresh and refreshing "01 Eucalyptus & Lemon" and gorgeous and calm "02 Jasmine & Cedar". The price is 1,400 yen each.