Ninben "dashi pot" renewal

The Nihonbashi Dashiba "Dashi Pot" developed by Ninben has been renewed. It will be deployed from April 1st.

"Dashi pot" is a kitchen utensil that makes it easy to make dashi stock by simply adding water and dried bonito flakes and heating it in the microwave. The deep strainer, which has a large capacity and reaches the bottom of the pot, is the key to making delicious soup stock. You can rub to the last drop by hooking the claws on the bottom of the strainer to the edge of the pot. It is said that the original mellow aroma and umami of dried bonito dashi enhances the deliciousness of the dish.

Kitchen utensils that make it easy to make dried bonito by simply adding water and dried bonito and heating it in the microwave.

In this renewal, the design has been changed to a stable design with a wider width and lower height than the conventional product while maintaining the capacity. It has a wide mouth and is easy to wash to the bottom.

By changing the scale printing from the conventional front to back, the design is more sophisticated and easy to use. The dressing box enhances the sizzle of the dashi stock, and the most important product point of "easily pulling the dashi stock in the microwave" is expressed in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, it has been set at a “more affordable price”.

The suggested retail price (tax included) is 2,750 yen. The content is about 600 ml.