Mary Quant "Body Icon Scrub & Wash" and "Body Icon Refreshing Lotion"

"Body Icon Scrub & Wash" and "Body Icon Refreshing Lotion" will be on sale from April 9th in limited quantities from Mary Quant. A body care item perfect for hot summers.

"Body Icon Scrub & Wash" is a body cleansing that removes dead skin cells and dirt to make your skin clear and smooth. Contains a plant-derived scrub apricot seed (cleansing ingredient) that is gentle on the skin and an elastic scrub mannan grain (cleansing ingredient). By massaging it so that it rolls on the surface of the skin, it promotes blood circulation and promotes the discharge of waste products and excess water.

Mary Quant "Body Icon Scrub & Wash"

Cleans off oxidized sebum and dirt that can easily cause acne while keeping the skin moisturized. Contains water-soluble collagen (moisturizing ingredient) to moisturize and moisturize dry skin. The price is 180g 3,080 yen (tax included).

Mary Quant "Body Icon Scrub & Wash"

"Body Icon Refreshing Lotion" is a body lotion that is not sticky and has a cool cooling effect. The thick texture quickly penetrates and retains moisture, leading to fresh and moisturized skin. Contains Tachibana peel extract (moisturizing ingredient) and water-soluble collagen (moisturizing ingredient) to give bright and transparent skin. The price is 200mL 3,300 yen.

Mary Quant "Body Icon Refreshing Lotion"