L'Occitane "Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette"

L'Occitane will release the "Citrus Verbena" series, a scent that overflows with smiles and energy, on April 21st.

Speaking of must-have items in early summer, the scent of "citrus verbena" woven by verbena, which is said to be an herb that calls for love, and citrus that evokes fresh and positive feelings. A popular scent that makes you want to run into the new summer will be released for a limited time this year as well.

L'Occitane "Citrus Verbena Body & Hair Mist"

The lineup includes items that make body care fun, including eau de toilette. A body scrub reminiscent of lemon jelly, a gel-textured body cream that leads to cool and fresh skin, and a mist that moisturizes hair and body with a quick blow are also available. Refresh your mood with a refreshing scent and blow away the heat of early summer!

L'Occitane "Citrus Verbena Flossed Body Cream"

The lineup is as follows. The price includes tax.

Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette 100mL 6,820 yen Citrus Verbena Jelly Body Scrub 250mL 4,290 yen Citrus Verbena Frosted Body Cream 150mL 4,290 yen Citrus Verbena Body & Hair Mist 50mL 2,750 yen

L'Occitane "Citrus Verbena Jurebody Scrub"