Innisfree "Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser" "Tone Up Watering Sunscreen"

Korean cosmetics brand "innisfree" will release new products "Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser" and "Tone Up Watering Sunscreen" on June 1st, which are perfect for the beginning of summer. Available at each store in Japan, official online shop, Rakuten Ichiba store,, @cosme SHOPPING, Qoo10.

"Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser" is a gel-type facial cleansing foam that gently wraps the skin with a delicate foam like jam and removes excess sebum. A mildly acidic facial cleansing foam gently cleanses skin that has been weakened by using a mask or making up for a long time. Betaine, a moisturizing ingredient, keeps the skin moisturized and keeps the skin moisturized without stretching after washing the face.

Innisfree "Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser"

Uses cherry leaf extract grown in Hanlimupu, western Jeju Island. The leaves are harvested, first dried, and then aged in lava seawater on Jeju Island for 3 weeks at low temperature. In this process, the cells of the epidermis of the leaves are destroyed by the salt content of the seawater, making it easier to efficiently extract the skin-beautifying components of the leaves of Sakura. The product contains an extract that has been refined after salt removal and secondary drying. Moisturizes dry and dull skin, leading to glossy skin. The capacity is 150g (5.29oz) and the price is 1,375 yen (tax included).

Sakura grew up on Jeju Island

"Tone Up Watering Sunscreen" is a sunscreen that doubles as a makeup base. The fresh gel texture quickly blends into the skin and naturally tones up without whitening. Even if you apply it over your face or body, it will keep you feeling fresh.

Innisfree "Tone Up Watering Sunscreen"

SPF50 + / PA ++++ that protects the skin from UV rays. An additive-free formulation that is gentle on the skin and the environment. Allergy tested (not all allergies are eliminated). The capacity is 50 ml and the price is 1,815 yen (tax included).