Kundal x BT21 "Shampoo & Treatment Set"

The tie-up product "Shampoo & Treatment Set" of Korean hair care brand "KUNDAL" and LINE FRIENDS'global popular character brand "BT21" is on sale in Japan from May 21st. The price is 1,980 yen (tax included).

A set containing KUNDAL's best-selling products "Honey & Macadamia Premium Hair Treatment" and "Honey & Macadamia Nature Shampoo". A non-silicone shampoo with good foaming and a treatment known as a heavy rotation item that cannot be stopped once used leads to firm and healthy hair.

Kundal x BT21 "Shampoo & Treatment Set"

"Honey & Macadamia Nature Shampoo" is a non-silicone shampoo with good foaming. Contains honey & macadamia, botanical moisturizer erythritol, soybean seed extract, sesame seed extract, and panthenol. Anionic surfactants extracted from corn, potato and coconut oil can be used for cleansing without irritating the scalp. With a weak acidity of pH 5.0 to 6.0, which is the closest to the scalp and hair, it maintains a protective film on the scalp and prevents scalp problems such as dandruff and itching.

Kundal x BT21 "Honey & Macadamia Nature Shampoo"

"Honey & Macadamia Premium Hair Treatment" is a treatment that contains LPP small molecule protein (fine particles) and hydrolyzed soybean protein to quickly penetrate and nourish damaged and dry hair. It is packed with ingredients that are good for the scalp and hair, with a focus on protecting and moisturizing. 7 types of paraben-free, benzophenone-free, fungicide-free.

Kundal x BT21 "Honey & Macadamia Premium Hair Treatment"

The BT21 character is designed in the center of the box. Matching colors and scents are selected for each character.

KOYA: Blackberry scent (light blue)
RJ: Baby powder scent (orange)
COOKY: Cherry blossom scent (pink)
TATA: Juicy peach scent (red)
CHIMMY: Ylang-ylang scent (yellow)
SHOOKY: Jasmine Woody scent (brown)
MANG: White musk scent (purple)

Kundal x BT21 "Shampoo & Treatment Set"

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