Opera "Lip Tint N 102 Shimmering Beige"

"Lip Tint N 102 Shimmering Beige" will be reprinted on June 16th exclusively at the online store of the cosmetics brand "Opera". The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Lip tint N

A moisturizing tint prescription rouge that colors beautifully through. Instead of "putting" the color on the lips, the natural complexion that the lips themselves are colored from the inside continues. Even with dry lips, it stretches smoothly and fits ultra-thinly. Since it does not become uneven, it is stress-free so that you can apply it without looking in the mirror.

Opera "Lip Tint N 102 Shimmering Beige"

When wearing a mask, it is darker than usual, and it is recommended to apply it to your lips two or three times. Rub your lips together and let them blend in well, then lightly off with a tissue and then put on the mask. The mask is hard to color and matches the current lifestyle.

102 Shimmering beige

"102 Shimmering Beige" is a limited edition color released in early summer 2019. The popular color, which was sold out immediately after its release and was often requested to be resold, is reprinted only at the online store in response to the voice of fans.

Opera "Lip Tint N 102 Shimmering Beige"

The color theme is "Light Prism". The combination of new colors and textures, which is a combination of soft colors and transparent prisms, is light yet impressive. The facial expression changes depending on the angle of light, and the various charms of each person are projected.