"Travel Lulurun" WEB sale

At the official online store of the face mask brand "Lululun", the regional "Travel Lululun" series will be on sale from 10:00 on August 27th to 23:59 on August 29th. A total of 26 types are available.

Traveling Lululun WEB sale

The main sales channels for the regional limited "Travel Lululun" series are souvenir shops and roadside stations. However, due to the influence of the coronavirus, it is difficult to travel, and souvenir shops are still unable to open. Many Lululun fans were also saddened by the fact that they couldn't get it.

"Travel Lulurun" Area Limited Face Mask

Limited sale at the online store so that you can experience the feeling of going all over the country even at home while you can not travel or go out in Corona. It will be held with the hope that you will come into contact with the materials of the area you have never visited before, and when you can travel again, you will want to meet Lululun again in that area.

Lululun to travel

A product developed as a face mask limited to the region by finding the secret of beauty, which is a material that can only be found in that region. Starting with "Okinawa's Premium Lululun" released in June 2013, there are currently 9 areas and a total of 26 types in Japan. For skin tired from UV rays in summer, we recommend "Yamanashi / Nagano Lulurun (peach scent)", "Hokkaido Lulurun (melon scent)" and "Setouchi Lulurun (lemon scent)".

"Yamanashi / Nagano Lulurun (peach scent)" "Hokkaido Lulurun (melon scent)" "Setouchi Lulurun (lemon scent)"