Paradu Mini Nail "Fairies Secret"

A new color for Fall / Winter 2021 of "Paradu Mini Nail" will be released at Seven-Eleven on September 15th (excluding some stores). All 6 colors with the theme of "Fairy's Secret".

Paradu Mini Nail "Fairies Secret"

Imagine a thrilling scene created by forest fairies. A lineup of 6 nature colors that look cool and fit comfortably. The capacity is 4.0 ml and the price is 330 yen (tax included).

Contains ingredients with high adhesion to nails. It is resistant to water swelling and impact on nails, so it has a long-lasting beautiful finish. A flat brush type that does not easily become uneven and uses a quick-drying prescription.

SV06 Fairy Dust

The beautiful glow is the crush of fairies. Silver glitter with the image of mysterious "magic powder".

Paradu Mini Nail "SV06 Fairy Dust"

GD03 Dancing Leaf

Imagine dancing fairies with glittering leaves. Gold glitter suitable for autumn and winter.

Paradu Mini Nail "GD03 Dancing Leaf"

RD10 Frozen Berry

A cool, sweet and fruity secret dessert of fairies. Dark red reminiscent of berry fruit.

Paradu Mini Nail "RD10 Frozen Berry"

PK13 Shiny Wings

Pink with yellow pearl. Under the clear sky, the image of a fairy feather shining through the sun.

Paradu Mini Nail "PK13 Shiny Wings"

BR06 walnut bed

Deep and crisp brown. A color like a walnut tree nestled in the deep snow that piles up gently.

Paradu Mini Nail "BR06 Walnut Bed"

BL11 Snowflake Blue

The motif is a snowflake that is fascinating to see it melt softly. Grayish and romantic icy blue.

Paradu Mini Nail "BL11 Snowflake Blue"