Etude "Fixing Tint"

From Etude, a new color of "Fixing Tint", which is perfect for autumn to enjoy fashion, will be released on October 1st. Three colors, "Soft Walnut", "Cranberry Plum" and "Dusty Beige". The price is 1,485 yen each (tax included).

Fixing Tint

A lip that is resistant to friction with the mask and does not easily transfer color. The high adhesion and non-greasy finish suppresses discoloration and keeps a beautiful finish for a long time. It spreads evenly and smoothly on the lips and develops the color you see.

Moist and creamy texture that makes you feel moist. The surface is lightly finished and light enough to forget to put it on. The result is a soft matte lip that is softly colored.

Etude "Fixing Tint"

The new color is a smoky dull tone that is easy to use in any scene and gives a moderate complexion. Gives a soft impression with a calm mute color that makes your bare skin look beautiful.

Etude "Fixing Tint"

Fixing Tint Soft Walnut

Natural brown with a rich depth.

Fixing Tint Cranberry Plum

Grayish rose that gives a sophisticated impression.

Fixing Tint Dusty Beige

Pink beige that is familiar to the skin.