Renewal of "Humming", a flexible finishing agent for clothing --Introducing a fragrance-free type

Kao's clothing soft finish "Humming" has been renewed. "Unscented" type will be added and will be on sale from October 23rd.

Soft finish for clothing Humming

Kao "Humming" was born in 1962 as Japan's first flexible finishing agent (renamed from "Kao Softer" to "Humming" in 1966). With this renewal, while the functions of soft finishing agents have diversified as the number of users has increased, more and more people are focusing on "soft finishing" again due to the effects of recent climate change and changes in the living environment. Focus on the fact that it is (according to Kao's research in 2020). Humming's original "friction stress (* 1) reduction concept" will be renewed as a product that realizes "fluffy and smooth" soft texture "".

Considering that there are many requests for products that do not have a strong scent, at the same time as the renewal, the first "fragrance-free" type in Humming is newly released. For those who have refrained from using fabric softener because of its fragrance, we will propose a soft finish. The "floral bouquet scent" and "oriental rose scent" have also been changed to bottle containers that are easy to hold, and the package design has been redesigned.

The lineup is "fragrance-free," "floral bouquet scent," and "oriental rose scent." The main body (600 ml each) and the refill (540 ml each) will be expanded.

* 1 Discomfort caused by stiff or tingling clothing