Year-end and New Year cleaning

Spring cleaning during the year-end and New Year holidays is a great opportunity to prepare a comfortable space for the new year. Here's the ultimate spring cleaning guide, with step-by-step instructions and tips to help you declutter your home and start the new year feeling refreshed.

1. Thoroughly organize your closet

Take the opportunity of switching from winter clothes to summer clothes to thoroughly organize your closet. Get rid of clothes you don't wear or that no longer fit, and store the items you need where you can see them. Make use of hangers and storage boxes to have a convenient and organized closet.

Thoroughly organize your closet

2. Fight grease stains in the kitchen

When cleaning at the end of the year, pay particular attention to oil stains in the kitchen. Prevent oil stains from building up by cleaning around the range hood, stove, and drains frequently. You can also use natural cleaning products like baking soda and citric acid to give your kitchen a shiny finish.

Fight grease stains in the kitchen

3. Window cleaning and curtain maintenance

Cleaning your windows and curtains is essential to welcoming a bright new year. In addition to cleaning your windows, wash your curtains and blinds in the washing machine to keep them clean. Welcome the new year with beautiful windows that make the outside scenery stand out even more.

Window cleaning and curtain care

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4. Become a storage pro: Master the art of organization

Optimize your storage space with unique storage ideas. Use drawers, boxes, and labels to organize small items and stationery so they can be easily found. Let's adopt the optimal storage method for each room, such as the kitchen, living room, and study.

Become a storage pro: Master the art of organization

5. Clean the bathroom and ensure relaxing time

Don't forget to refresh your bathroom. Remove mold from the bathtub and shower curtain, and thoroughly clean the drain. In preparation for the new year, we will prepare your bathroom so that you can fully enjoy your relaxing time in a clean bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom and ensuring relaxing time

Follow these steps to keep your home clean and tidy for the new year. Get a comfortable space that will change the year with the ultimate deep cleaning!