Cobaco "Make-A-Dream Nail Care Kit

KOBAKO, a beauty tool brand of Kaijirushi, is offering a limited edition coffret "Make a Dream Nail Care Kit" as part of the 2021 Holiday Limited Collection. The price is 5,500 yen (tax included).

Make-A-Dream Nail Care Kit

A set of items necessary for "loose cuticle care" to remove dirt and dead skin cells on the nail surface that cause dull nails. The kit includes Cuticle Remover (12ml (0.41us fl oz)) limited size, Cuticle Pusher M limited design, Multi Remover Cloth (3 pieces), and Block Buffer (1 piece) in a limited design case. The case can be used to smartly store nail care tools, and the removable lid can also be used as a finger ball to dip fingertips.

Cobaco "Make-A-Dream Nail Care Kit

Cuticle Remover

Used in the first step of caring for the nail surface. Softens and lifts loose cuticles (unwanted keratin under the cuticle), hardened cuticles, oil film, and sebum from the nail surface.

Cobaco "Cuticle Remover (12ml), limited size"

Cuticle Pusher M

Tool for gently pushing up loose cuticles and soft cuticles. Designed with a stable grip that fits comfortably in the fingertip, and a rounded and thin tip that easily conforms to the curve of the nail surface. After use, the contours of the cuticles are clearly defined, as if the cuticles have been peeled off.

Cobaco "Cuticle Pusher M Limited Design

Multi-remover cloth

A cloth made of special fibers that can remove even the smallest cuticles. Wrap the cloth around your finger and use it to remove loose cuticles by twirling them around. With polish remover, even hard-to-remove dark-colored nail polish and fine lame can be easily removed.

Cobaco "Multi-Remover Cloths (3)"

Block Buffer (1)

Nail polisher that polishes unevenness on the surface of nails to make them shiny just by polishing in turn with materials of different roughness arranged on four surfaces. The block shape provides a large contact area with the nail surface, and the elasticity of the inner core has been adjusted to achieve an exquisite curvature so that the nail can be polished all at once with little force.

Cobaco "Block Buffer (1)"