Diane Perfect Beauty "Maegami Stick

Diane Perfect Beauty will release "Maegami Stick" on March 1. The price is 1,320 yen (tax included).

Diane Perfect Beauty "Maegami Stick

A gel-type stick that can be applied as a finishing touch to styling to keep bangs in place and style for a long time. The gel with organic argan oil adds luster to hair, while beauty keratin (moisturizing ingredient) repairs damage and keeps the style in place. Convenient size for carrying around.

Diane Perfect Beauty "Maegami Stick

Comes in two types, natural and hard, to suit your needs. It can be used for styling unruly hair and hair buns without hardening. Floral and berry scent.

Maegami Stick Natural

A fluffy, natural finish that's perfect for fixing your hair when you're out and about. To maintain the style of bangs, brush from the inside of the bangs. For frizzy hair, use the brush in a slightly floating motion and apply as if tracing.

Diane Perfect Beauty "Maegami Stick Natural

Maegami Stick Hard

Firmly sets points and keeps for a long time. For unruly hair and buns, use a brush to smooth and blend. For hair that has spread due to humidity, turn the brush sideways and apply as if brushing the surface.

Diane Perfect Beauty "Maegami Stick Hard