PLAZA x Sponge Bob "Happy Poppin' Cosmetics"

PLAZA and MINiPLA will launch "HAPPY POPPIN' COSMETICS," a promotion featuring Sponge Bob cosmetics, on March 11.

Happy Poppin' Cosmetics

SpongeBob, always cheerful and positive, has collaborated with PLAZA's best-selling cosmetics in a special collaboration. All of the cosmetics are brightly colored with cute designs of SpongeBob and Patrick's artwork.

PLAZA x Sponge Bob "Happy Poppin' Cosmetics"

Many popular items are now SpongeBob-inspired, including "CipiCipi Glitter Illumination Liner," which was voted No. 1 in both the makeup and skincare categories of PLAZA's Best Cosmetics of 2021, "VT Cica Daily Soothing Mask," as well as the best-selling "Sign+" from the hair care category and "CipiCipi" from the skincare category. The lineup included the best-selling "Sign+ Systemic Oil" and "&honey Mato Make Stick.

PLAZA x Sponge Bob "VT Cica Daily Soothing Mask".

From "Genish," which is very popular among self-nailers, "BURGER (beige to orange color)," which is inspired by the burgers made by Sponge Bob, and "BEST FRIEND (pink color)" nail polish, which is inspired by Sponge Bob's best friend Patrick, will also be available.

PLAZA x Sponge Bob "Genish

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