Suncut "Fragrance UV Spray (Cool)

Suncut, a sunscreen brand, launched "Fragrance UV Spray (Cool)" on April 1. Carried mainly at mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide.

Suncut "Fragrance UV Spray (Cool)

A limited edition sunscreen spray with a limited design that adds a fragrance effect and a cool, refreshing feel to "Protect UV Spray," which has a UV protection effect of SPF50+PA++++ and can be used on the face, body, and hair. In addition to its high sunscreen effect, it also has a skincare effect with hyaluronic acid, peppermint extract, squalane (moisturizing), and 10 kinds of plant extracts.

The airy touch formula contains baby powder and a "dry-keep powder" to keep skin moist. It also has an allergen guard function to block fine particles such as pollen, dust, dirt, and PM2.5.

Contains W cool ingredients for a cool and pleasant -5°C touch even on hot skin. It instantly cools you down and the cool feeling lasts. The product has a frozen citrus fragrance, which is like a whole lot of citrus fruits frozen together. It has a refreshing fragrance that will make you feel refreshed.

The design of the package features an illustration of an iceberg and an icon of ice to give a sense of the coolness of the -5°C touch at a glance. The design also features a print of penguin children enjoying fishing in the Antarctic, creating a cute and friendly atmosphere that makes you want to pick it up without a second thought.