Paradoo Mini Nail Polish

New colors of Paradoo Mini Nail Polish for spring and summer will be available at Seven-Eleven stores on April 20 (except some stores). Capacity 4.0 ml, price 330 yen (tax included).

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish New Colors for Spring/Summer

The theme for Paradoo's Spring/Summer 2022 nail color line is "Crystal Amulet," inspired by amulet jewelry. The colors and brilliance of power stones, which are among the most translucent of natural stones, have been selected. The result is a gorgeous nail color with a sophisticated impression.

Contains ingredients with high adhesion to nails. The product is resistant to blistering caused by water and impact on nails, so the beautiful finish lasts longer. Quick-drying formula with a flat brush that prevents unevenness.

WT02 Milky Quartz

This milky quartz color symbolizes gentleness. Small pearls shine delicately and dazzlingly.

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish "WT02 Milky Quartz

GN02 green calcite

Arranged in the color of "green calcite" that invites you to a new world. It has a dainty impression that is gorgeously transparent.

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish "GN02 Green Calcite

PK14 Pink opal

A color born from "pink opal," which nurtures love. You can wear the gorgeous luster of the large hororamae.

PK14 Pink Opal" Paradoo Mini Nail Polish

OR03 Sunstone

The motif is based on the "sunstone," which holds special power. An energetic vitamin color.

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish "OR03 Sunstone

PK15 Raspberry Garnet

Inspired by garnet, which is full of vitality. A pink-red with a sweet and lovely atmosphere and a burst of brightness.

PK15 Raspberry Garnet" Paradoo Mini Nail Polish

BR07 Smoky Quartz

The image of "smoky quartz," which possesses the power of the earth. Beige with icy pearlescence.

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish "BR07 Smoky Quartz

GY05 Grey Moonstone

The color of gray moonstone turns bad dreams into good dreams. It creates an impression of sophistication by restraining glamour.

Paradoo Mini Nail "GY05 Grey Moonstone

BL12 Blue Topaz

The motif is based on the blue topaz, the god of learning and culture. You can enjoy the expression spun by the richly colored pearls.

Paradoo Mini Nail Polish "BL12 Blue Topaz