Paradoo "Powdery Foundation ex

Seven Paradoo Powdery Foundation ex

A limited edition set of Paradoo's Powdery Foundation ex with a limited brush will be available at Seven-Eleven in limited quantities. There are two colors in total. The price is 1,320 yen each (tax included). The release date is June 16.

Powdery Foundation ex

Limited Edition Set with Brush

"Paradoo Powdery Foundation ex" is a popular product from Paradoo that is thin but erases pores and gives the skin a finish that makes it look like "bare skin itself is beautiful" and lasts.

Paradoo "Powdery Foundation ex

This summer, as people "take off their masks," it is expected that more attention will be paid to the problems of "visible pores" on the nose and cheeks and "make-up smudging" than in previous years. With Powdery Foundation ex, the formulation effectively collects light to accentuate transparency and blur pores to eliminate them. In addition, it employs a powder technology that adsorbs excess sebum to enhance adhesion to the skin. It also prevents makeup from falling off due to perspiration and sebum.

In addition to the included sponge, the limited edition set comes with a limited edition brush that is only available now. You can use the sponge for natural coverage of blemishes and dullness, and the limited-edition brush for light, quick makeup, or any other way you want to use the product, depending on the occasion and the desired finish. The price is the same as that of the foundation itself, with the addition of a UV primer containing 83% cosmetic liquid ingredients* that prevents sunburn and improves skin tone.

* Moisturizing ingredients (oil-based), water