Chifure “Chifure Single Color Eye Shadow”

Chifure “Chifure Single Color Eye Shadow”

All 6 colors (102, 171, 412, 601, 743, 744) of "Chifure Single Color Eye Shadow" from Chifure are sold at drugstores, supermarkets, face-to-face mass retailers, directly managed stores, department stores, Chifure Online Shop, etc. nationwide. I am. The price is 770 yen each (tax included).

Chifure Single Color Eyeshadow

"Chifure Single Color Eyeshadow" is the first single color type eyeshadow from the "Chifure" brand. It's versatile and can be layered with the eyeshadow you're using, or used as a single color, and adheres perfectly to create a long-lasting beautiful finish.

Chifure “Chifure Single Color Eye Shadow”

Available in 2 colors: "Sheer x Sparkling Pearl Type" with sparkling polarized pearls, and 4 colors: "Color x Sparkling Pearl Type" that creates an impact on the eyes. This lineup allows you to choose the texture according to the impression you want.

Features of Chifure Single Color Eyeshadow

- Contains large pearl powder to create a firm pearl feel.
・The highly water-retaining oil-based emollient ingredient moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.
- Contains synthetic phlogopite, which prevents color from dulling even when wet with sebum.

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