Paradoo Single Eyeshadow" new series "Transparent Matte Shadow".

A new series of "Paradoo Single Eyeshadow" "Transparent Matte Shadow" will be available at Seven-Eleven stores on June 22 (except some stores). The two colors are "YE01 Transparent Matte Yellow" and "GY01 Transparent Matte Glaze.

Paradoo Single Eyeshadow "Transparent Matte Shadow

The "translucent matte" series combines matte color texture, coloring and a loose feel in a single product. Unevenness is eliminated by blending multiple powders in good balance to enable thin and even application of makeup film. Colors are produced so that the skin can be seen through, so the finish does not look blotchy.

Paradoo Single Eyeshadow" new series "Transparent Matte Shadow".

It is recommended for use as a single color, as well as for layering with regular eyeshadow or for partial use. You can easily enjoy changing the impression of your eyes. Price: 660 yen (tax included).

Paradoo Single Eyeshadow" new series "Transparent Matte Shadow".

YE01 Transparent matte yellow

This color is easy to adopt even for yellow beginners and can be used on a daily basis in any situation. Since bright yellow tends to float off the skin, the brightness and saturation are lowered to create a dull color that blends well with the skin.

Paradoo Single Eyeshadow YE01 Transparent Matte Yellow

GY01 Transparent matte glaze

A gray nuance is added to the standard brown. A warm and soft impression with a slight reddish tint. Because the color is softly blended into the skin, it is easy to create natural shades with a single application, creating a clear, defined eye look.

Paradoo Single Eyeshadow GY01 Transparent Matte Glaze