Francfranc "FLE Handy Fan Aurora

Here is a ranking of the most popular items among new products launched in 2022 among Francfranc staff nationwide. Items purchased by Francfranc staff between January 1, 2022 and May 31, 2022.

Wave Tumbler Clear

No. 1 is a tumbler with a unique and boldly warped surface. The secret behind its popularity is that it makes ordinary drinks, such as water and tea, taste a little more special and gives them a high-level look that will uplift your table coordination. The price is 800 yen.

Francfranc "Wave Tumbler Clear

FLE Handy Fan Aurora

No. 2 is the USB rechargeable Handy Fan 22nd model with Francfranc original design. This 2-way type can be used on a tabletop or carried around. The functionality remains the same, but the special aurora borealis color is appealing. The price is 2,480 yen.

Francfranc "FLE Handy Fan Aurora

Microfiber Face Towel

No. 3 is a microfiber face towel with excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties. The smooth material makes you feel enchanted every time you touch it. The natural-colored plain towels with a simple but well-designed tag design are popular. 3 colors are available, priced at 900 yen.

Francfranc "Microfiber Face Towel

Bicolor Piping Parasol MINI

No. 4 is a folding umbrella with a petal-like design that can be used in both sunny and rainy weather. Available in two colors and priced at 3,500 yen.

Francfranc "Bicolor Piping Parasol MINI

Ornament Print Drying Mat

No. 5 is a mat to put down when drying washed dishes. Convenient to use in place of a rack for dishes that do not fit in the draining rack or for a few dishes that cannot fit in the rack. It is available in two colors and priced at 300 yen.

Francfranc "Ornament Printed Drying Mat".

Fuwaro under-bed comforter "Gather

No. 6 is a refreshingly designed contact-cool bedding made of ripple-processed fabric. Available in two colors and three sizes, priced from 9,000 yen.

Francfranc "Fluffy skin comforter gathers".

Yang-yanagi cache-coeur pajamas

No. 7 is a pair of pajamas made of yo-ryu, a trendy fabric decorated with ruffles. Yangryu is a type of cotton weave characterized by its smooth and comfortable feel due to the unevenness of the fabric. The material is soft to the touch and breathable without stress even when worn for long periods of time. Price: 6,200 yen.

Francfranc "Yang Willow Cache Coeur Pajamas

Raku-chin microwave cooking pot

No. 8 is a microwavable pot that can easily cook nabe, ramen, takikomi gohan, and zosui (rice porridge) in a single pot. It comes in two colors (with an easy recipe book) and is priced at 900 yen.

Francfranc "Raku-chin microwavable cooking pot

Quilting PC Case 15-16 inches

No. 9 is a laptop case that is convenient for teleworking life. With a PC stand inside, the laptop computer can be propped up at an angle. This is an excellent item with ample storage pockets, a smartphone compartment through which you can pass a charging cable, and a handle that can be removed to convert it into a PC case bag. 2 colors are available, priced at 4,900 yen.

Francfranc "Quilted PC Case 15-16 inches

Tulle Round Pouch

Coming in at No. 10 is a cute round pouch with the fluffy feel of tulle. The inner fabric is hard tulle, which keeps the pouch in shape and makes it easy to take makeup tools in and out. 2 colors are available, priced at 2,300 yen.

Francfranc "Tulle Round Pouch

The ranking includes seasonal products, so some products may no longer be available.
Prices include tax. Product names, prices and specifications are subject to change.