Merit "Rilakkuma" special design bottle

Merit "Rilakkuma

" Special Design Bottle Kao's hair care brand "Merit" will release a special design bottle featuring the popular character "Rilakkuma" on December 3, 2022 (Saturday) in limited quantities.

The theme of the "Rilakkuma

" special design

bottle package design is "dusty bath time. The design depicts the adorable Rilakkuma and his friends, which will bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Merit" is all about washing the skin clean and pleasantly, so that everyone in the family can spend a pleasant time with a smile on their face. This winter, the specially designed Rilakkuma bottle will make you want to pick it up and deliver a fun bath time with the cute Rilakkuma and her friends.

Merit Shampoo and Conditioner Pump Pair, 480ml (16.23us fl oz) each

Merit "Rilakkuma" special design bottle

Merit Shampoo Kids Pump + Refill 300ml (10.14us fl oz) + 240ml (8.12us fl oz)

Merit "Rilakkuma" special design bottle

Rilakkuma design bottles will not be sold as individual shampoo and conditioner products.
Sales will end as soon as the product is gone due to limited quantities. Some stores may not carry the product.


"Rilakkuma" is a character introduced by San-X Corporation in September 2003, a stuffed bear who lives in office worker Kaoru's house and has a zipper on his back (the contents are a secret).

His favorite foods include dango (dumplings), pancakes, omelette rice, and pudding. His favorite things are listening to music, watching TV, and bathing in hot springs. He is also a member of "Viva! Daradarara," and "Well, relax," and is popular among a wide range of people as a cute and healing character, along with her friends, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

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